Picture the scene – lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, dimples … none of them make you feel great, do they? A constant reminder of the years ticking by and lost youth; it all takes a major hit to confidence levels over time. Why shouldn’t we feel great about ourselves? Age is a badge to wear with pride as far as life experience is concerned, but of course we want to look our best for as long as possible.

Picture those pesky lines and wrinkles on a battlefield, armed and ready to hit your face with signs of years gone by. Now picture yourself armed with a syringe of Botox as your shield and weapon. There’s only one winner, and it’s certainly not the lines!

Just a ten minutes’ course can banish those visible signs of aging for up to a massive four months, shooting your self esteem into the stratosphere and pushing back those years instantly. Crow’s feetforehead linesfrown lines … a thing of the past.

This safe and highly effective method of rolling back the decades is quick, easy and only slightly uncomfortable. For visible results that are undeniably noticeable, Botox is your friend. and ally.

Bring it on!

We, at Wall Street Botox, sub division of Trifecta Health Medical Center welcome anyone who recognizes the importance of maintaining and improving their appearance, self-image, life style and self-esteem.

We are pleased to offer BOTOX® COSMETIC/ JUVEDERM® SERVICES near Wall Street area of NYC.