Why Botox Doesn’t Have to Look Fake


When you think about botox, what springs to mind?

Perhaps a way to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, but you’ll probably also start to think about images you see in celebrity magazines, when stars have had botox and it’s gone rather horribly wrong.

Yes, it’s true; when botox is either done incorrectly or given too much, it does have the potential to look horrific. We’re not going to lie. However, when botox is done in a timely and careful manner, and administered by a highly qualified and experienced practitioner, it can look as natural as your own face – minus the lines and wrinkles, of course!

Two of the biggest mistakes with botox are:

  • Too many injections, done too close together time-wise

  • Incorrectly injected botox, or sited incorrectly

These two issues are firmly down to the quality of the practitioner.

Here at Trifecta Med Spa, we consult with you every step of the way and if we feel that you are not ready for another NYC botox injection yet, and that doing so will cause you to achieve a very unnatural and unflattering look, put simply, we won’t do it!

Your health, confidence, and appearance is our main concern, and we will always give you our best advice and guidance when it comes to how often you need to have botox, where you need it, and how you have it.

We take no risks.

Botox is designed to look natural; it’s designed to give you a clear complexion, free of lines and wrinkles which naturally appear with aging. However, you don’t have to go down the timeline of aging quite yet if you don’t want to. It’s entirely possible to look several years younger than you actually are by using botox, but only when used in a sensible manner.

Binging on botox will not allow you to look younger, it will simply make you look frozen and fake. This is something we do not want for you and as a result, we will not do! Instead, we will sit down and talk to you about a suitable timeline of botox injections. We’ll explore the best spots for you to have the injections, in order to give you the desired outcome you want, and we’ll highlight any potential issues, finding a way to work around them, which suits both sides of the coin.

Injection too much botox doesn’t get rid of your fine lines and wrinkles faster or more effectively, it simply causes you to look like your face is stretched and paralyzed. How is that a good look?

It’s really not, and it’s something we won’t aim to do for you.

So, if you’ve considered botox in the past but you’ve been put off by images of over-botoxed celebrities, don’t worry. This is not our aim, and it’s not something we will put you through! Instead, we aim to give you the most natural, youthful look possible, whilst keeping your own beautiful and unique look.