Trifecta Med Spa Welcomes Springtime In NYC


As the ice melts blossoming springtime within the hearts and minds of young and old alike, let’s resolve this spring to make the point of being nubile a lasting one. You become your new best friend each time you choose to look into the mirror seeing back yourself glow. Shaping one’s exterior is a compliment to shaping the personality. It is like music tuning itself to the beat of the harmony.

This spring, do not let anything hold you back from reserving your right to make others’ heads turn. To make others wonder in amazement about the secret of your beauty that lays skin deep. To fill the beholder’s eye with more than it meets. A world awaits to be swept away with amazement and wonder with your radiance that it has missed like letters from the beloved far and away pining for a moment’s meet to reflect each other within the mirrors of the eyes.

Quietly slipping into the back on anyone’s mind had never been so easier with the offerings that Trifecta Med Spa in NYC and Long Island provides for you to keep glowing with romance like the starry night along the Southern Bend.

Making you love every view of you is the motto of the team of aestheticians trained under the watchful practice of Dr. Edward Fruitman, making Trifecta a name that resounds in sync with trust. Arrays of treatments that follow are offered for you that the season of spring shall remember in all times to come.


Shaping the look of youth the right way aims at achieving the perfect tone that brings peace of mind each time the mirror boosts your confidence by CoolSculpting. Freezing hard to rid of fat deposits has never been convenient and without scarring. We provide a reduction of up to 20% reduction in without discomfort. Going beyond the call with Dual Cool, when two together reduce time without compromise on output.


Fighting lines that contribute to the aging factor with an FDA approved Botox procedure incorporating Acetylcholine taking effect to reduce muscle activity with noticeable change in appearance in days, lasting up to a few months. Wrinkles forming at various maxillofacial areas along with neck bands, taking away the liberty for them to become severe.


A magnificent treatment for facial lines and naso-labial overlays with the use of Hyaluronic Acid gel. Juvederm is an injectable filler that provides volume to key facial areas vulnerable to wrinkles as lip lines, corner lines and marionette lines. Trifecta Med Spa offer the best Juvederm injections in Manhattan NY. Achieve perfection with sensual facial curvature and augmentation that lasts up to 12 months, directed in one 15-20 minute appointment.

So, are you ready to let springtime of the Big Apple appeal to your senses as people gaze upon each pore of your rejuvenating skin? Call 800-757-4026 to let us know or visit to choose what suits your requirement. Our online representatives eagerly anticipate your message and get back to you making your spring truly a memorable one.