I’ll say this quietly, because this is something nobody is supposed to say ….

But deep down, we all want to look good, don’t we? We all want those compliments on our appearance, because it makes us feel good.

Yes, it’s about personality, and yes, beauty is only skin deep, but for our own confidence, it’s always nice to get those envious looks and compliments that make your heart glow.

Getting older has a nasty habit of impacting on our self-esteem, whether we like it or not. The moment you see your first wrinkle, your stomach drops, your heart pounds and you think ‘here we go, it’s all over’, but worry not, this isn’t the case!

We can’t stop aging, but we can slow it down and make those visible signs disappear, with a little help from our friend Botox.

When you think of the stereotypical image of a housewife, what do you see? Some may say drab, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Taking pride in your appearance is never a bad thing, be it to make yourself feel good thanks to the envious glance from the glamour-puss next door, an appreciative once-over from your husband, or the feeling of walking into a party and knowing that everyone turned around to look at you, for all the right reasons, and a gasp of ‘doesn’t she look young?’

These days there’s more and more pressure on women to look young and glamorous, thankfully modern procedures are on our side, and we can say goodbye, adios, whatever you want to those wrinkles and shimmy your confidence to your heart’s content.

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