At Trifecta Med Spa Botox is also used for:

– Jaw Reduction to give a softer more aesthetically pleasing look to the Jaw line.

– Slim Legs (calf muscles reduction) to reduce appearance of the calf muscles and give your legs more aesthetically pleasing look

– TMD or Temporo Mandibular Joint Disorderwhich is an inflammation of the above named joint and leads to Bruxism or teeth grinding and significant facial pain, earaches and headaches. At Trifecta Med Spa NYC we use Botox injections to eliminate these problems by relaxing Jaw muscles. Results from Botox treatment of Bruxism start two to three days after injection and last for over 4 months.

– Hyperhidrosis or Excessive sweating. Botox prevents sweating for months by blocking the release of the neurotransmitter- acetylcholine, from the nerve endings, that causes the glands to produce sweat. At Trifecta Med Spa NYC we make 15 to 20 small and painless injections into each underarm which decreases sweating by 90% within 48 hours and usually last from 6 to 10 months.

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