New Year, New You?


The New Year is fast approaching, and that means it is time to turn your attention to New Year’s resolutions.

Do you believe in these resolutions? Have you made one before? If so, did you keep it?

Most of us have made a resolution at least once in the past, but if you managed to keep and achieve that resolution, you are in the overwhelming minority!

The reason we don’t tend to keep these resolutions is because they are usually quite unrealistic. Not drinking all year? Not happening. Not eating chocolate? Probably not going to happen. Losing half your body weight in six months? Not really likely. What we need to do therefore, is streamline our resolutions and make them much more realistic overall.

The most common resolution type is about appearance. Of course, you want to look and feel your best at all times, but after the festive season, when we all ate and drank a little more than we’d like to admit, none of us really feel our sparkling best.

So, what can you do to change your resolutions into something realistic, but something that works too? Well, if your resolution is about your facial appearance, and aging is something which upsets you or causes you distress, then there is something you can do bout it – new year, new you?

There are a range of different anti-aging treatments you can look into this New Year, and here at Trifecta Med Spa, we are dedicated to helping our New York clients feel super-happy and comfortable in their own skin. If you are looking at making a resolution to get rid of wrinkles, we can help you.

You’ve no doubt heard of Botox, but what about fillers? Have you ever thought about having this type of procedure rather than staring in the mirror and feeling bad about yourself? We have a range of options to look into, and we also have some fantastic deals at this time of year too. All you need to do is give us a call and find out what we can do for you. We’ll ask you to come in for a consultation, because we never agree to a treatment of any kind simply over the phone. Everyone is different, and we need to assess you carefully before deciding which treatment options is going to give you the result you’re after.

Perhaps it’s not antiaging that you’re looking at, but toning up and firming up. Weight loss and body transformation is something we all tend to think about at this time of year, and we can offer a range of different options to help you do just that. Have you heard of CoolSculpting? This award winning treatment can help get rid of those annoying and stubborn love handles, or the arm fat that you simply hate. A great alternative to liposuction, CoolSculpting could be the answer you’re looking for in your New Year body transformation.

Its important to realise that we should never go into a sparkling, brand new year feeling less than ourselves, and less than our best. Yes, we are never 100% happy with what we have, because we are human and it seems that we are programmed to always look for a negative, but if you can fix something which causes you upset, then you’re on the road to feeling happier, healthier, and looking downright fantastic too!