New research surfaces all the time, and from that the rumor mill grinds into life. Some of this information is worth listening to of course, but some isn’t, and some should be heeded a little, or at least taken as a warning.

A recent study has suggested that those who undergo Botox too much, or have it administered incorrectly, could be putting themselves at risk of making the ultimate social boo-boo.

Sound strange? Well, it’s a proven fact that we pick up on small signals from people by watching their facial reactions, and in turn we copy them, completely without realizing it. This is how we pick up on the famous ‘I’m fine’ grimace – you know the one, they say it, but really they want you to ask what’s wrong. Those who have had a little too much of the good stuff, or went somewhere that bodged the job, find their facial muscles are paralyzed to the point of not being able to move sufficiently enough to copy these expressions, and so in turn, are completely oblivious to their friend’s real emotional state.

Before you freak out and decide that this “side effect” of Botox is enough to put you off, it’s worth mentioning that this is a rare and completely avoidable situation. Like most things in life, it’s all about moderation and quality. Doctors at #1 Rated Med Spa NYC – Trifecta Med Spa – says: “The bottom line is, don’t overdo it, and go somewhere that’s licensed, experienced and that has a good reputation.” That way, you won’t risk looking completely expressionless, and unable to pick up on the emotions of others, which in turn makes you a pretty bad friend!

Remember – moderation and quality.