Xeomin (“naked” Botox) is a new botulinum toxin type A now available at Trifecta Med Spa in Manhattan NY.


They say a stopped clock shows the right time at least twice a day. This is correct. However, can we completely stop time, or at least the years, showing on our faces?

Well we can have a damned good go!

The visible signs of aging creep up on us in a quite scarily short amount of time. One minute you don’t even think about the state of your skin, and the next you’re wishing you did facial massage religiously and cleansed, toned and moisturized from the age of 16. You’re not alone, nobody is that strict with their skin care regime, and even if they were, time would creep up on them too.

So what can we do? We can zap those lines and wrinkles, and kick them back at least another ten years, that’s what!

We all know about Botox, we read about it enough in celebrity magazines, but did you know about the new kid on the block, promising to treat forehead wrinkles and creases, creating a flawless canvas, and straightening out those pesky little creases in the corners of your eyes?

Xeomin is this very popular new kid, and because it contains none of the extras proteins found in bog-standard Botox, it’s much more likely to work, and – get this, much more likely to last longer! Just one treatment of Xeomin should be enough to show a definite improvement, and you can do all this in your lunch hour, or a quick break in-between shops. Known widely as the “naked” Botox, because it doesn’t contain those little extras, it’s clear there are many advantages to going natural!

Nothing destroys a person’s confidence more than noticing the advancing years on their face, yet thankfully nobody need have their self-esteem dragged down anymore. Say “no” to wrinkles, and say “hello” to youthful beauty!

Trifecta Med Spa offers Xeomin injection in downtown Manhattan New York. Call Now (212) 233-2919 for an appointment.

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