if you’re not getting ID’d at the bar these days, don’t worry! See how Botox and Fillers can help you to look younger.


Last week I was asked for ID whilst trying to purchase a vodka and lime. At first I was a little put out, of course I’m old enough to buy alcohol, I’m a grown woman for heaven’s sake! But then I thought about it, and decided that it was actually quite flattering. Does that mean I look much younger than my (whisper it) 30 years?

It’s a good feeling, don’t you agree?

If this hasn’t happened to you for a while, don’t worry, there is a way to get back that joyful, youthful feeling, and all it takes is a little bit of your precious time.

Botox is a fantastic way to eradicate those visible signs of aging, and the best way to beat that ticking clock, heading fast towards old age. Depressing thought. Just a few minutes of your time on a regular basis, and you can kiss goodbye to crow’s feet and those irritating lines that seem to mar your forehead. Results are fast and can last up to four months! Now isn’t that worth a few minutes of your lunch break?

Juvederm is another sure fire way to kick those skin folds around your nose into touch, and restore fullness to pouting lips, among other areas to be improved. The major advantage here is instant, long-lasting results. Now that’s one fast treatment!

Of course, cosmetic procedures can be as simple as boosting your lashes, fluttering away to that barman!

So ladies, if you’re not getting ID’d at the bar these days, don’t worry! Check out these quick and easy measures and before you know it, you’ll be carrying that ID around with you on girly nights out.

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