Something strange happened to me recently. I hit the BIG 3-0. That wasn’t the strange thing of sorts, the downright weird thing was that as soon as the clock struck 12 on that fateful birthday, I suddenly became paranoid about wrinkles. This had never occurred to me before, because I was in my 20s and wrinkles were something that happened when you collected your old age pension.

Erm, wrong.

It turns out, this wrinkle business needs to be tackled early.

Crow’s feetworry linesforehead lines, just general wrinkles, these are all things that we suddenly notice and admittedly, don’t really make us feel that great about ourselves. The mirror I looked in on the morning of my 30th did nothing for my self-esteem, and needless to say, I now have a new mirror because I no longer like the old one.

Unfortunately, it’s time’s law that the ticking clock makes us look older, and wrinkles and lines make us appear even older than we really are. How can we stop this?


Yes, that wonder product is our savior in the battle of the morning mirror session, and inspecting those growing lines. The great thing is that it is quick, easy, and relatively painless, and can even be done in your lunch break.

Botox works by paralyzing the muscles. As wrinkles increase as we get older, it’s best to start early, so you can hit those wrinkles before they really start to make a dent in your confidence. You’ll notice results around 3-12 days after the treatment and they last for a huge 3-4 months, with repeated sessions after that to keep the results lasting. Even better, there is little chance of any swelling or redness either, so as before – perfect for a lunch break activity!

I did not appreciate the dawning wrinkles I noticed on my 30th birthday, but now I know what to do about them, I’ll certainly not be lamenting my loss of youth on my 40th birthday!