When the stakes are high, a cool head and an effective poker face are everything.

Picture the scene – you’re at a crucial moment, about to win or lose, everything hanging in the balance. You screw your face up in concentration, maybe your forehead furrows, and you look worried just for a spit second, and in that split second you give it all away.

Your poker face is broken.

As we get older, our face gives away our years. It’s a pain in the backside, but unfortunately, that’s life. However, there are ways to battle the signs of aging, and thankfully save our poker face.

How? I hear you ask.


This wonderful invention works by targeting the muscles that cause wrinkles, furrows and those famous frown lines, and reducing the activity, therefore relaxing and smoothing. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and highly effective, so much so that Botox has become hugely popular over the last decade and no longer has the stigma attached, thanks to stories of celebrities overdoing it.

One of the great things about undergoing a Botox procedure is that’s is quick to show results, and you can see a difference after as little as 3 days, and anything up to 12. Results are lengthy, lasting up to 3-4 months, with repeat injections needed after that time. Another advantage is that’s quick to do too, so you can call in on your lunch break and nobody need ever know. Side effects are minimal and quite rare, with just a little redness or swelling possible.

All in all, Botox is the perfect answer to that poker face.

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