What if a Botox injection could help you kick away the darkness of depression?


Well recent studies have shown that Botox use could go a long way to doing just that.

Nobody can be happy all the time, but unfortunately for many of us, feeling down, upset, or even depressed, can cause the world to seem like a very grim place indeed.

What causes this negativity?

It could be anything, from work stress, family problems, the weather (don’t you just love grey, drizzly rain?!), to relationship issues and even just feeling down for no reason other than you simply do. We’ve all felt it at some stage, and it’s not a fun place to be.

These days we’re bombarded with images of so-called beauty, airbrushed pictures that make us feel inadequate and frumpy. Add that to a downward spiral of being utterly fed-up and it’s a heady cocktail of NYC depression. Image is everything these days, you can’t get away from that fact.

When you feel bad about yourself, it shows on in the outside and you feel it on the inside. But did you know, that frowning contributes to the development of wrinkles and lines, causing you to look and feel older than you actually are?

Feeling great about yourself and your appearance and the inability to frown could go hand in hand in reducing the symptoms of depression.  At the end of the day that can only be a very positive step.

Well people, it’s time to smile!


Botox cosmetic treatment is the perfect antidote to combat those pesky wrinkles and lines. They don’t have to be there, not if you don’t want them to be, so let’s hit them where it hurts, and bring back a little sunshine into your life!

Just 10 minutes is it takes, for results that can last well up to four months, and let’s face it, when we look good, we feel good, kicking those negative thoughts and feelings into touch.

Botox and depression are a good match, hitting image consciousness back to the depths and causing those shoulders to rise in confidence, that posture to straighten and wait, is that a smile?!

Years into his career, board-certified top NYC psychiatrist Dr. Edward Fruitman, M.D. noticed a trend: Patients who experienced depression and anxiety also felt dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Moreover, he noticed that bodies reacted negatively to emotional malaise—wrinkles deepened and multiplied, creating an intractable cycle that inhibited happiness.

This realization inspired Dr. Fruitman to found Trifecta Med Spa , a division of  Trifecta Health Medical Center, where he administers Botox and Juvederm exclusively for cosmetic purposes. By immobilizing the muscles that cause crow’s feet and smile lines, Dr. Fruitman makes it easier for patients to never frown again.

Botox treatment at Trifecta Med Spa is so easy, it can be done in your lunch break, and if you don’t want anyone to know where you’ve been, simply tell them you’ve been shopping – none the wiser!

Life’s stresses are hard enough, so if you can make it easier, why not?!

Smile and the world will smile with you!

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