These days there’s so much pressure to look good. Magazines, tabloids, beauty campaigns, TV shows, you name it, there’s someone telling you how you should look, what size you should be, and what you should wear. At the end of the day, surely we should just be striving to be the best we can be, and just be ourselves?

Of course, we want to look our best, this is perfectly normal; nobody wants to go out looking like a dog’s dinner unless they have no choice. So without changing ourselves beyond recognition, what can we do?

Well, when God created women, he invented make up and cosmetics to go with them.


New Year brings the added pressure of New Year’s resolutions. Have you ever stuck to one? I haven’t, and I doubt I ever will. However, if you make one this year, make it a resolution to yourself, that you will be the best you can be. Cosmetics help enhance your best features, and hide those flaws you don’t like. Spend money on good quality goods and you’ll reap the benefits, and treat yourself in the process.

Looking good breeds confidence, and confidence breeds happiness. It’s win win.

So this year, ditch the diet resolution, don’t promise yourself you’ll hit the gym six times a week, and instead decide to enhance those pretty eyes, those pouty lips, and those graceful cheek bones, and smile to yourself all year.

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