Chin Enhancement Without Surgery (Liquid Chin Augmentation)

juvederm-nyc-woman-trifecta-healthSurgical chin augmentation requires up to two weeks of swelling and severe pain. It is also performed using general anesthesia. At Trifecta Health we offer a non-surgical chin augmentation with Juvederm injectable filler.

This treatment has minimal to no pain since Lidocaine numbing cream is used and Juvederm with Lidocaine is injected. Juvederm is injected into precise areas of the chin with a small needle resulting in the augmentation of your chin, improvement of your profile, and instant results without any significant swelling or pain. Another plus of the non-surgical chin reshaping is that the patient has control of how much correction he or she wants by observing the procedure with a hand held mirror and giving feedback to our NYC Doctor.

Non-surgical chin reshaping is performed in two 10 minute treatments about three weeks apart. Minor swelling and tenderness may last up to four days after the treatment. Juvederm usually lasts about one year. Since our faces change as we mature, precise adjustments of the chin with this non-invasive procedure allow us a perpetually natural and pleasing look. To learn more about the non-surgical chin reshaping or to schedule your free consultation with Trifecta Med Spa. Call us at (212) 233-2919

Chin Enhancement F.A.Q.’s

Is this procedure painful?

Since Lidocaine numbing cream and/or Juvederm injections with Lidocaine are used to numb the treatment area, no to minimal discomfort is felt during procedure.

Is there social downtime?

Usually the patient can return to work the same day since there is little swelling or bruising.

Why do you use Juvederm?

Juvederm is safe and FDA-approved for implantation in the human face. Juvederm® lasts about 12 months.  Juvederm may be a better choice for a first time patient who is not sure about their new look and feels anxious about the results. It is possible to dissolve the results of Juvederm by injecting a special enzyme Hyluronidase, which will dissolve the Juvederm.

Why should I consider the Non-Surgical chin augmentation?

– It is minimally invasive with almost is no downtime.

– It is much more affordable compared to surgical chin augmentation which costs about $5000-8000.

– Non-surgical chin reshaping is reversible.

– The patient has control over results of the procedure by looking in a hand held mirror and advising the doctor of his/her opinion of the progress of work.

– Results are soft as you will look better but not like a person who had a surgical nose job.

What is the cost of this procedure?

Average cost is between $650-$1,200

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