Botox treatment at Trifecta Med Spa Downtown NYC

Botox treatment video featured injector Yulia Baevsky, PA performing Botox treatment for labella area (frown Lines aka 11 lines). This video from trifecta Med Spa Downtown location NYC is featured on Botox injection for Frown Lines   Call Trifecta Med Spa NYC for your free Botox consultation at (800) 757-4026

NYC Locations of Trifecta Med Spa

Fitting everything into a busy schedule has never been the easiest thing to master. There is often something which falls by the wayside, even if you manage to prioritize and schedule everything in as carefully as possible. Do you believe that beauty and your own personal self-esteem is important? Do you believe that this should…

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Can You Put a Price on Beauty?

How high up in your life do you rank the way you look? Be honest. Most of us would love to say that we simply don’t care about beauty, that we are happy with the way we were born, and we just go out every single day without a care in the world. Is that…

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Trifecta Med Spa awarded with Allergan Diamond Status

Trifecta Med Spa in Manhattan NYC was recently awarded Diamond Status Privilege – the highest recognition level in the Allergan Partner Privileges program.  It means Trifecta Med Spa NYC is among the top 1% of all Botox and Juvederm providers in the US. We are grateful to all our patients for their loyalty and referrals, which helped us achieve this honor. This latest achievement…

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Microneedling RF Skin Tightening

The revolutionary and highly effective Microneedling RF Skin Tightening treatment is exclusively available for residents of New York, in our Trifecta Med Spa office. We can help you like what you see in the mirror, creating a sense of pride and confidence in your appearance. If you’re tired of looking in the mirror and lamenting…

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New Year- New You with Botox

What do you see when you gaze into the mirror? Do you even like the mirror? Do you avoid it at all costs? We need mirrors, it’s not a good idea to avoid them completely, and if that is something you spend your days doing, you need to re-think your approach! The bottom line is…

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FAQ about Botox

Wondering about Botox? Common questions answered Botox is one of those things in life which is somewhat misunderstood. We hear so much about this magical treatment in magazines and newspapers, both good and bad, and you could certainly be forgiven for feeling a little confused about the whole thing. Does it work? It is wise?…

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Trifecta Med Spa Welcomes Springtime In NYC

As the ice melts blossoming springtime within the hearts and minds of young and old alike, let’s resolve this spring to make the point of being nubile a lasting one. You become your new best friend each time you choose to look into the mirror seeing back yourself glow. Shaping one’s exterior is a compliment…

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BOTOX® Cosmetic has rapidly become one of the more popular treatments in New York for people who want to smooth moderate lines and reduce the visible signs of aging. Here are some mythes and facts about Botox: What is Botox? Botox is a purified protein derived from Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It is a non-surgical, physician-administered treatment…

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What is the difference between Botox and Juvederm? While Botox corrects dynamic wrinkles by blocking the chemicals that cause the underlying muscles to contract, Juvederm smoothing out static wrinkles- or wrinkles that exist without any facial expression. Also Juvederm is used to fill up hollows and depressions, such as under eye hollows and sunken cheeks, caused…

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